About Us

In Him We Move (IHWM) Liturgical Dance Conference is designed to educate the body of Christ on the power and conviction associated with Liturgical Dance. IHWM maintains a high level of expectancy as conference participants are spellbound by the 4 star hospitality and spirit of excellence demonstrated at all times.
IHWM is more than just a gathering of individuals to learn dance routines and talk about each others love for dance. However participants are challenged both physically and spiritually as their knowledge and understanding concerning Liturgical Dance goes to another dimension.
For years Liturgical Dance has been misrepresented to the body of Christ unfortunately causing individuals to question the authenticity and integrity of those going forth. This in part is due to the lack of knowledge and technical experience by those who sit in authority. Dance is not a good idea or the latest phenomena however it is a mandate set forth in the 149th Psalm…Praise HIM in the dance.
For this reason IHWM is honored to have been chosen as the movement that will transition the doubt of many, and confirm the call on others as Liturgical Dance is presented in a way that touches the heart of God and causes His shekinah glory to be released.