In Him We Move 2016 Vending Date: Saturday, August 13th 2016




All booth spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that completed contracts and full payment of space rental fees are received.  Full payment with registration application must be received by In Him We Move (IHWM) before a space location will be confirmed.  Credit Card, Debit or PayPal for full payment of fees must accompany the space rental agreement and a confirmation of the space rental will be sent via email. Your form will not be accepted incomplete. IHWM reserves the right to restrict the sale or display of any items, services, or causes that have not been previously approved by IHWM. It is agreed that only ONE vendor can occupy a booth space. In the event that this is not possible, IHWM reserves the right to assign a booth to another vendor.


Vendors will assume all risk and hazard incident to his/her own and/or representatives or other persons in his/her vendor display. It also understood that the vendor assumes no financial responsibility pertaining to the events success beyond the cost of his/her exhibit/vendor display area. Vendors are responsible for any damages they may cause while participating in the events. IHWM is not liable for any loss or damages and will not be responsible for any personal injury to the vendor, his /her associates, representatives and/or merchandise.  The vendors hereby agree to indemnity, hold harmless, and defend IHWM from any acts of the vendor, employees, agents and assigns.  All tax liabilities and permits are the sole responsibility of the vendor.

Vendor Badges

 IHWM will provide vendor badges, which are required throughout the conference. This will include access into the conference and vendor areas only; please list all name(s) exactly as they should appear on name badges. The badges are not transferable to gain access or admission to the IHWM Conference by any other person than the one who it was issued to.  All name changes must be updated with IHWM; unless otherwise specified.


$65 (1-Day Event) – Saturday, August 15, 2015. By signing the Vendor Registration Contract Form, you agree to abide by all the requirements and restrictions in the Contract Terms and herein. You understand that this is not a contract until officially accepted by IHWM with the full rental fee, accompanied by the application.  The deadline for the application is Friday, July 31, 2015. If vendor spaces are sold out upon receipt of your application, we will return your application with fee.


By registering as an IHWM Conference Vendor, you accept the following cancellation policy and agree to be bound by its terms. A full refund of the booth rental price will be made upon a written “letter of cancellation”. This notification must be submitted and received by the vendor coordinator 10 days prior to the event. (Before OR on August 5, 2015)

Set Up and Breakdown Procedures

IHWM will be responsible for the set-up and breakdown of tables and chair for the vendors. Vendor/business will have the option of (2) set-up times morning or evening. Option 1: (A.M. Set-up) 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. or Option 2: (P.M. Set-up) 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Note: When choosing an option, please be advised that the full rental fee of $65 is required. Set-up will not be permitted during the Conference hours. Breakdown time will be 10:00 p.m. Vendors are responsible for the safety and cleanliness of their contracted spaces. Vendor must have their area clean and orderly upon departure.


Vendor/business will be provided with one 6 ft. table, 2 chairs, table cloth and location in the designated site as recommended by the host venue. (Additional materials may be brought by vendor upon approval)


  1. All vendors will receive a conference schedule with vendor space confirmation.
  1. Vendor posters or other any other marketing materials showing advertising must be pre-approved by IHWM to ensure that attendees can distinguish readily between IHWM materials and vendor materials.
  1. Each vendor/business is responsible for their own cash box, money bags, credit card machines or any other means of receiving and storing cash and/or sales transactions.
  1. Please, no booth sharing is permitted. Only one vendor/business may be at each table. Violation of this term could result in additional fees and/or request to dismantle your exhibition area.
  1.  If a vendor/business is not listed on the approved IHWM Vendor List, they will not be allowed to set-up.
  1. Any inappropriate behavior or unauthorized rental or sale of merchandise will result in the immediate expulsion from the grounds of the event facility.
  1. IHWM and its founders, its staff, and/or its volunteers are not responsible for any damages, stolen or lost products or items that you may encounter at the conference. If you have any situation occur where items/products are damaged, stolen or lost, please feel free to notify the workers at the conference. We will make an announcement and attempt to help recover any items. However, we are not held responsible nor are we obligated to reimburse you or your business for the value of any products reported lost, damaged or stolen.
  1. Should you have questions regarding the above contract terms, please contact our Vendor Coordinator, Tonya Watson at (619) 261-2246 or email tonyarwatson@yahoo.com.


I have read agree to indemnify and hold harmless In Him We Move, directors, staff, representatives and agents, from  and against all liability, claims, demands, losses, damages, levies and causes of action or suits of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or relating to the applicant’s activities at the In Him We Move Conference.

All vendors who choose to participate as vendors at the In Him We Move Conference Concert must agree to the Terms, Conditions and Regulations provided in this contract.

By completing and submitting the following application, I agree that I have read the terms, conditions and regulations and /or understood to abide by the conditions agreed upon.


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